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BMX Dirt Jumps – 2016

Proposal to relocate BMX dirt jumps from Jane Brook Foreshore to Dorrigo Park

Residents around Dorrigo Park have received the following notification about our meeting to discuss the BMX jumps this Thursday evening. Feel free to come along with your children next Thursday.

Dear residents
Proposal to relocate BMX dirt jumps from Jane Brook foreshore to Dorrigo Park
As you may be aware, young bike riders have been proudly building dirt jumps on the Jane Brook foreshore for some years. While their endeavour to do get outdoors and get industrious in their spare time is to be congratulated, it has also unfortunately had negative consequences for the banks of the brook and the Jane Brook Community Association’s foreshore rehabilitation efforts.
The jumps have been removed in the past, but they soon reappear. This makes sense as it’s a passionate interest of local young people, so it was clear that a new approach was needed. The JBCA has recently been trying to facilitate a solution that works for the environment, young riders and residents.
The young people have been enjoying the activities on offer by the PCYC at Dorrigo Park, and it’s been a great success to date. It has also provided an opportunity for the JBCA, PCYC and the City of Swan youth staff to engage young people about the dirt jumps and their thoughts for solving the problem.
Young people have suggested that the only solution is if the dirt jumps are provided somewhere else that suits them, and they’ve said Dorrigo Park would be their preference as it is already a park where they would feel safe, has shade, and is already an active zone with the basketball ring and playground and water fountain. It is felt it could become a family park that caters for older and younger siblings alike to play alongside each other.
So the young people would like to talk with interested residents about their ideas for building some low scale dirt jumps in a small section of the park near the basketball ring. City of Swan staff will also attend to answer any queries residents and the young people may have.
Meeting details:
On-site at the Dorrigo Park gazebo
Thursday 23rd June @ 5.30pm
Following this, the idea would then be to arrange for some clay to be delivered for the upcoming school holidays, and for young people, alongside any helpful residents, to shape their own jumps over the holiday period. If the jumps prove to be a success, then the City has indicated it will give consideration towards allocating budget to work with young people and residents to formalise the jumps in a couple of years’ time.
Feel free to come down and meet with young people and support their positive energy and ideas.

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