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Entrance Estate Signage – 2016

Dongara Circle BeforeDongara Circle Before2


Jane Brook Entry statement signage – Talbot Road & Dongara Circle (North & South Entrance)

The existing suburb entry signage installed over 15 years ago by the developers at the two entrances to Jane Brook off Talbot Road onto Dongara Circle were in a state of disrepair. The timber signs at the South entrance, ‘Forrest View Estate’, had fallen off the fence a number of times and the two on the North entrance, ‘Talbot Ridge Estate’ were made of polystyrene and were crumbling off the limestone wall. It was decided by the JBCA Committee that we would fund the installation of new signage to the entry points with new ‘Jane Brook’ signs to be made of corten steel so they would stand the test of time. Fundraising commenced in 2014 and after approvals from the City of Swan and a huge amount of time and effort from our Committee member Robert the signs were installed in June 2016. The City of Swan have assisted by removing the old signage and fence, replacing the garden curbing to the beds on the North entrance, supplying the mulch and plants in the garden beds.


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2 thoughts on “Entrance Estate Signage – 2016

  1. Hi committee ,
    Well done , great to see that the old signage has been replaced and the vegetation upgraded . It would be nice to see an entrance sign to the forgotten part of JBPE, i.e Farrall Road / Aquarian Drive entrance to our estate . … Are there any plans or consideration to erect a sign to that entrance ?

    I am also concerned about City of Swan’ s ” lack of maintenance ” to the forgotten part of JBPE, compaired to the ‘ golf course ‘ level of maintenance received on the other side of the brook . What is the committee’s view regarding this concern ?

    1. Thanks for your comments Kenneth. The Farrall Rd/Aquarian Dr section of Jane Brook has definitely not been forgotten by Myself or the hard working committee of the JBCA. Over the years we have organised for the planting of verge trees along Aquarian Drive, planted 13,000 native trees along this side of Jane Brook, facilitated the mowing of the Education Dept land and also the future shopping centre block, arranged mulch along Farrall Rd garden beds, organised for the replanting of the roundabout at Farrall/Talbot/White Gum, painted the white fences across the bridge from Aquarian Dr, have organised for the Section 95 Crew to remove all non native weeds and trees from this side of the Brook in the next few months and I personally collected 7 bags of rubbish on our clean up day a few months ago in this area. I removed 4 large castor oil weeds from the Aquarian Dr open land last Friday. I am continually liaising with the City of Swan to have graffiti removed from the fences in this area and have had the chain link gate and pine poles attended to this year. As a member you are most welcome to attend our AGM where we discuss our plans for the next year and beyond and we would love to have some feedback. The entry fences and signs were replacements that were required as the existing were falling down and looked terrible. I did not envisage putting any new signs in place around Jane Brook but if this is what you and other residents in this section would like I am more than happy to discuss this further. In respect to the City of Swan and the lack of maintenance it would be best for us to discuss separately the maintenance items which need to be addressed and I will do my best to have them completed in a timely fashion. It would be terrific to have someone who cares for the area such as yourself as a representative to assist me in keeping on top of maintenance requirements, rubbish, graffiti etc, etc. I am happy to talk to you separately about this and maybe we can encourage other residents in the area to contribute to the discussion about the sign and anything else you may like to table. Mathew Merson

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