Removal of Castor Oil Weeds

Committee members of the JBCA removed a large number of Castor Oil plants at the end of Pechey Road today.  The JBCA and the Wooroloo Prison Crew have targeted this woody weed over the last few months along the Jane Brook Foreshore Reserve with a view to eradicating the species entirely from Jane Brook.  We need your help to advise us of any Castor Oil plants you see around our Suburb so we can organise their removal.  The weeds have huge seed heads that produce hundreds of small plants that germinate in the immediate area or are taken through waterways and bird droppings to grow elsewhere.  The Castor Oil plants removed this morning were growing on the banks of a small waterway and many were ready to release their seeds this Spring.  Small seedlings can be removed by hand as long as the roots are removed.  Larger plants need the seed heads removed and disposed of correctly and the remaining plant needs to be chemically treated.  The plants and seed pods look like this:

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The before and after photos of our work this morning are below:


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